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Terms And Coditions

Terms & Conditions

1.Your Instructor will agree to provide you with a step-by-step training course.

2. Your Instructor is a fully qualified

Driving Vehicle Standards Agency Approved Driving Instructor (car).

3. The training car supplied will be kept in a roadworthy, safe and legal condition.

4. All lesson fees are payable on the day by either cash , cheque or PayPal. Cheques returned by the bank are subject to an administration charge.

5. If you wish to cancel a lesson, a minimum of 24 hours notice should be given.

In some cases you may be charged for the lesson.

If Your instructor cancels they will give as much notice as possible but cannot be held responsible for circumstance beyond his / her control.

6. Your instructor will reserve the right to terminate a training period or course

if he / she suspects that the student is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

You will be charged for the lesson.

7. We reserve the right to withdraw the tuition vehicle for any health and safety reasons or any other reason without notice.

I / We reserve the right to withdraw the training vehicle without notice for a practical driving test, that if in the opinion of your instructor you are driving in a manner to be a dangerous to themselves or other road users.

8. The school also reserves the right to refuse the use of the training vehicle, if a test booked by the student, clashes with one that´s booked via the trainer.

9. I / We cannot be held responsible for postponements of lessons or test due to illness or mechanical breakdown (including tyres,warning lights, light bulbs).

I / We cannot be held responsible for cancellation of any test if the Examiner finds defective bulb on the Show Me/Tell Me part of the test or out on test and refuses to allow the test to continue. Every effort will be made to ensure all lights work on test days, but it must be stressed that a bulb can ‘blow’ at any time.

I / We cannot be held responsible for Tyre damage or punctures that may result in the test being cancelled.

I / we cannot be held responsible for any warning lights ect that may come on before or during the test that may result in the test being cancelled.

10. All clients must be in possession of a current provisional or full uk driving licence entitling them to drive the training vehicle.

The clients must inform the Instructor of any points or other convictions related to driving on the 1st time of contact with the instructor, or of any pending points,convictions or any that they accrue whilst taking private training.

11. the instructor may ask at any to see a printed copy or view an online copy of your driving licence information at any time.

Refusal will result in the ending of tuition.

12. By reading our terms and conditions , the client confirms that any physical or other disabilities or impediment affecting his / her ability to drive must inform the instructor straight away or if any that develop during the course of lessons.

no medication must be taken which may impair or otherwise affect their ability to drive.

Any medical conditions that may affect driving now or in the future must be disclosed.

Glasses or contacts must be worn if been prescribed.

I agree to the Terms and Conditions as laid out above


Collingwood Learner Driver Insurance

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